Why am I writing MZ 2.0 ?

In this days, many question & anaswers system are popular. So,  why I write this ? Answer it simple, I want to do myself.

I don’t

  • know python too much and most of the question and answer system are writting by python.
  • want dependent to other company or scripts.
  • want to wait for supporting.
  • want to search plugin or addon or some hacking the system. want to waiting their security fixed issue or upgrade. I want to

  • made my own APIWork framework.

  • show next generation Q&A system.
  • made always upgrade my system.
  • made own control for scripts.
  • use Power of PHP,MySQL,Apache and jQuery.
  • show Myanmar Developer can made from scrath. I have a long plan for this system. In this days, I want to do many things and very busy. I can only write in weekend that is too bad for me. I hope, MZ 2.0 can start at July.
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