Why Android not allow bookmarklet ?

I don’t understand google android browser. Google always told live on internet. Move to Internet. Using cloud. But they are not allow saving bookmarklet in android browser. WTF!! I am so depress about that. I try to add bookmarklet in nook browser , yes same like android browser. I can’t add. Invalid address. I am using JavaScript: instead of http. That is problem. Android browser check valid website address or not. It is very stupid. Bookmarklet is very powerful in this days. Posterous , tumblr and many other SAAS are using bookmarklet for cross browser add-on. Nook doesn’t allow bookmarklet , so I can’t save everything with browser. I thought , I am so lucky because I use iPhone. I can add bookmarklet in iPhone and I can play bookmarklet. Yes, iPhone can live on Internet but android can’t. Sorry for android users.

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