Why habari too long to next version ?

I am waiting to relase habari 1.0. My blog is using habari and sometime I’m thinking…. I wrong ???? Wordpress have a good community and many plugins. I can customize the wordpress Theme and plugins. They always release update their version. Why not habari ? Habari is light weigth and easy to use. Wordpress is not light weight when compare with habari. But wordpress also easy to use. I want to upgrade my blog in June. I hope, habari will relase habari 1.0 brefore June. If habari is not release, I will change to wordpress. In previous days, I’m working with wordpress and I love so much to wordpress. I worked wordpress customization. I hope, I can write wordpress plugins in this days. Hey!! Habari , please move quickly. I love you,too. You need to grow quicly and faster than wordpress if you want to compare with wordpress. Wordpress is the great opensource beyong the Blog.

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