Why I don't want to use hangout

I was using gtalk at last 6 year. I approve a lot of friends. Most are from online. I didn’t know at this time , what is privacy , why I shouldn’t add people if I don’t know them. I approve most of the people from internet forum. I have a lot of people in my gtalk list. After 2 year using gtalk , I decided to offline alwyas in my gtalk. I use SMS or email instant. Of course , I use Facebook Message instant. People in Facebook can trust at least. We can check their profile , we can check their timeline in facebook. If we don’t like him , we can unfriend easily.

In gtalk, we don’t want who is he, we don’t know where he from , we don’t know what is his job and what he is doing. If somebody know your email address , they can add you. I opened internet cafe at Yangon and I saw so many people using gtalk and fake their life. Some people didn’t tell about their true story. Most are the fake. It is one of the reason , I don’t like gtalk. I can remove him/her in my gtalk list but they can still chat with me until I block.

If you don’t know them , you may add them and ask or something send email. After that , so many people in my gtalk list and it will annoy to me. I can block , but only way is one by one. I can’t remove my name in their list. The only way is block. So, I decided don’t use gtalk any more. It can’t trust. You can tell me create new account. But we can’t because it’s email. Changing email is not easy. I am using gmail over 6 year and it can’t be change easily.

After google plus release , google force my gmail to their profile. It still OK because I didn’t use google plus. In google i/o 2013 , google introude a new hang out again. They upgrade the google plus also. Design is impressive. So, I tried to use google plus again. I want to tried new hang out again.

I registerd with my phone number in google hang out. After that annoying thing start again. Google put all the gtalk user to google hang out. It mean , I can’t make offline or disable gtalk chat like before. My previous gtalk users can hangout or chat with me. I can’t run aways at this time. Yes, google have setting in https://www.google.com/settings/plus Who can Hangout with you . They have a function about send request. However, all the gtalk user are automatically approved. I can’t remove. Only way is block one by one. Old Story again.

I hope, google will support some function like un hangout function. After I un hangout , they need to send request again. I don’t know , why google put all gtalk user in hangout and without asking my premission. Is there any way to remove all the user in hang out list ?

Thank google at least I can sign out in hangout chat and only using google plus.

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