Why I like native App ?

I have arrived Yangon and using internet with my mobile phone. The internet cost 2 kyats (700 kyats = 1 SGD ) per minute. But the problem is too slow. We gave 2 kyates per minute but it couldn’t done too many things. When we are loading Facebook.com or mail.google.com , it’s really slow. However, I can check my email with email client. Last 2 year , we couldn’t check email using email client and we must use with https for gmail checking. I saw one thing. Our connection is too slow. Facebook.com is slow but Facebook client is a bit faster than website. Email client is faster than gmail website.

Website and app are not the same. Website need to load the images , css , javascript for UI design. But app don’t need to it. App are using backend API and all are the text data. So, slow connection like Myanmar , native app is much better than the website. In Singapore, web app and native app are not different. Web app can load faster because of connection. So, I always confuse , “Why should I write native app instead of Web app if it can be done with Website ?”. Now, it’s clear. I understand why I should write native app. I don’t care about web app vs native app. Everybody should accept Native app can do more than web app. It also loading faster than web app. If you don’t care about poor connection like our country. You don’t need to care it. Create web app or native app , as you like.

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