Why I still not move to Ghost Blog

Now , ghost is popular and stable to use. But still not arrive the version 1.0. They still need to do a lot. Ghost already support wordpress to ghost plugin. However I still not consider to move ghost.

Ghost is using node.js and it’s not easy for blogger. But ghost already support hosted on Ghost Server for non technical. It’s can’t install on share hosting like bluehost or dreamhost. It’s node.js and using express.js . I am so interesting , how they will support plugin API ? If we are using node.js , we need to recompile again after adding new code or new js file. If ghost will support plugin , do we need to restart our node.js to install plugin ? They can do like meteor.js. Meteor.js auto update after something changes on files.

Now, I am using wordpress but I didn’t use admin panel for writing. I am using wp-svbtle for writing. It’s clean for writing and it also showing the preview same like ghost editor.

Wordpress can do more than blog but we can still blog with wordpress. I still prefer wordpress and may change ghost when it arrive version 1.0.

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