Why iPhone!

why iphone leading mobile market ? Less free software than android. $99/year developer license.We can't sell standalone app like windows.But iPhone leading the mobile software market. Over 140,000+ app in iPhone store. 25% are free app at iPhone app store.  Android 57%. If somebody give free one phone and choice one, most ppl  will choice iPhone. Why! no multitasking. Less free app. Apple is great  branding in Mobile ? or pioneer in Touch Mobile ? I don't know. Apple  have a secret or they are lucky ?

android market also like iPhone app. Android SDK is more easier than objective-C. Why android still can’t fight iPhone ? Google give free Nexus One phone. It’s nice marketing and bad marketing. When they have Google phone, start Google SDK. If I don’t have invite from google and I already develop in google android, I must change to apple store… See More. Because google don’t select me. May be, google mobile marketing need more skill than apple store. Google Android is more smarter than iPhone OS 3.1.2. Touch can’t compare with iPhone. iPhone have a great touch sensitives. Another thing, Gaming in iPhone. iPhone game price is cheapter than other. More nice 3d rendering engine than Android. Gamer are crazy in game and they must buy great Game. They also foolish in 3D. So, they must choice iPhone. iPhone 3D is awesome.

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