Win 7

I am using Windows 7,now. It’s nice OS for me. It may be upgrade form Windows Vista. I think, Vista relesed before finished. Win 7 fixed many Vista problem. Boot loading speed is awesome and it’s not memory eater when I’m using Aero Effect. I am updating Kaspersky 2010 (Beta) and then open itune and using Aero Effect, that have 1 GB. Wow!! Vista stand by state is using 1.5 GB and Win 7 is better than Vista. We can’t use kaspersky before 2010 and we need to latest version software for Win 7.

New Feature

1. Snipping Tool

It’s a screen caputre software like fscaputre. It’s a nice tool and free. We can capture the part what we like.

2. Sticky Note

It’s like Note Gadget in Vista but win 7 sticky note is better than that. We can use one or more notes.

3.Windows 7 Task bar

It’s just show icons and combine all in one icon. I like this because I open many windows and always task bar is full. In Win 7, I can open manys windows and it’s just place in one icon. Another news is we can drag a icon and place in task bar. It’s like a short cut and I can open a program from task bar shortcut.


Let drag a Window to the top. You will see glass show for maximize. You can drag to left or right , you will see half glass. After you release the windows, windows will replace the glass. I mean, drag to the top and release that. It’s will be maximize.

5. XPS View

This feature include in Windows Vista but we need to open XPS file in IE. In Win 7, XPS view include a program and you can open it without IE. If you are MCP (microsoft certificate professional), you need to XPS for certificate file.

6. Windows Powershell

I like powershell because I can use Linux command in there.



I like this feature. In Vista, we can have only one folder for Document, Music, Video. Not like Vista in Win 7, we can add one or more folder to music , video. We can make new libraries and also many folder includes in thre.

Changing Desing


Wordpad can do like office 2003. It’s using ribbon tool bar like office 2007.


WOw… calculator include convector function. Eg,.We can convert cm to inches easily.


mspaint also include ribbon bar. New and nice GUI.


4.Desktop Gadget

Win 7 don’t have sidebar. We can move gadget to any place of desktop. However, it don’t have widget layer like mac or gnome (linux).

5.Windows Media Center

I don’t like WMC in Vista. In Win 7, WMC design have changed.

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