Zune , Fail!

I bought Nokia Lumia 800 for my wife. She want to develop apps , so she bought the AppHub developer account for 1 year. After that , I saw Nokia gave $25 for Nokia Lumia user. That is cool! So, I told her and let buy a game.


Trouble time is starting


When I go to the marketplace on phone and try to buy it. There is no Credit card and I need to add a credit card. OK, I add it. But I can’t.


The card already exist and can’t add. So, I try to add from Zune.net and I found my card already add in zune.net. It look like she bought AppHub and it already connect with Zune Account. I try remove and can’t. I can’t check my subscription also. Subscription is not available for Singapore.

She can’t buy it. So, go to zune support and chat no reply.


Try to login from Zune Application on Windows. Can’t login from Singapore.


Try to login Xbox Live Account to check the card. Website show error.



So, the result is we can’t buy app from marketplace. Zune App store , it’s useless from Singapore. I waste two days and I can’t buy yet.


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