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Unsplash Wall Android

Finally , I done the unsplash wall for android. At the new year night , I did that app for learning material design for Android. Not the complete product yet and I need to add floating button and toolbar instead of using menu.

Currently, it’s supporting

  • Showing Photos from Unsplash
  • Random Photo
  • Set desktop wallpaper
  • Download Photo
  • Download Original Photo

I need to do some changes on UI like

  • Use floating action bar
  • Toolbar

It also need to support Xiaomi Phone (now image is not saving in Xiaomio Photos App).



You can download unsplash wall in google play store

Google Play Service With Genymotion

First you need to download following files.

If you want to know Android version from CyanogenMod , you can check at following.

  • Cyanogen 9.1 , Android 4.0.x
  • Cyanogen 10.0.0 , Android 4.1.x
  • Cyanogen 10.1.3 , Android 4.2.x
  • Cyanogen 10.2.1 , Android 4.3.x
  • Cyanogen 11.0 , Android 4.4.x


  • Open Genymotion
  • Drag and Drop the ARM Translation Installer v1.1 zip file Genymotion Virtual Device
  • Reboot The Genymotion Virtual Device
  • After reboot , Drag and Drop the Google Apps zip file to Genymotion Virtual Device
  • Reboot the Genymotion Virtual Device

After reboot you can find the Google Play Store in application list. Open play store and update all the google apps. After updating and downloading the apps, pull down the Notification bar. You can find to update google play store in notification.

ref: stackoverflow

Decimal Format In Android

Yesterday , I found a bug in the app that I working on. If it’s a indonesia language in phone , my app can’t work properly. Because Android didn’t return the decimal if we are using indonesia language setting.

Example :

String amt = String.format("%.2f",20.05);
Log.i("test","Amount is " + amt); //if indo language , it will return 20,00 instead of 20.05

I tested with DecimalFormat but same result.

DecimalFormat f = new DecimalFormat("##.00");
String atm = f.format(d); 
Log.i("test","Amount is " + amt); //if indo language , it will return 20,00 instead of 20.05

So, I am using like following for now.

String amt = String.format("%.2f",20.05);

if(atm.indexOf(",") != -1)
    atm = atm.replace(",", ".");

Log.i("test","Amount is " + amt);

Redmi Note With adb in mac

  • Enable Developer Options.
  • Enable USB Debugging.

In terminal,

$ echo "0x2717" > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini
$ ./adb kill-server
$ ./adb devices

Android Asset Studio

Yesterday , I helped my wife to create Mahabote App icon for Android. She almost done the App but she need the App Icon. I found a Good Tool from Google , it call Android Asset Studio.

I always face the problem of icon size for Android. It have different icon size base on the dpi. In iOS , we can use iConify for Launch App icon easily. Android Asset Studio is much better than iConify. We can change background color, icon size, trim , etc.

I am sure , Android Asset Studio will help you a lot for your development.


PDF Reader SDK for Android

Yesterday , I found a PDF Reader for android that support page flip feature like iBooks or Google Book. The PDF Reader have a lot of function and easy to use. You can download at

You can check feature at

Android SQLite preload database over 1 MB

Android only support 1 MB file size for asset. So, we can’t use preloaded database. If we want to use , we need to split database file. You can tutorial from . So, I tweeted about this problem on twitter and I got the reply from Ye Myat Min . Yes, we can use with mp3 file extension instead of .sqlite or .db .


I tried with mydb.mp3 . I can access sqlite database from android. My database have over 200 MB . Need to wait a bit time when installing . It’s good for development. For production , I recommend to use split method. Because split method , compress the file and your apk file size will be small. No compress method , apk file size have over 200 MB. However, I use split method, it only have around 100 MB. So, for production use split instead of .mp3 for no compress.
For , How to use pre loaded sqlite database with android

Why iPhone!

why iphone leading mobile market ? Less free software than android. $99/year developer license.We can't sell standalone app like windows.But iPhone leading the mobile software market. Over 140,000+ app in iPhone store. 25% are free app at iPhone app store.  Android 57%. If somebody give free one phone and choice one, most ppl  will choice iPhone. Why! no multitasking. Less free app. Apple is great  branding in Mobile ? or pioneer in Touch Mobile ? I don't know. Apple  have a secret or they are lucky ?

android market also like iPhone app. Android SDK is more easier than objective-C. Why android still can’t fight iPhone ? Google give free Nexus One phone. It’s nice marketing and bad marketing. When they have Google phone, start Google SDK. If I don’t have invite from google and I already develop in google android, I must change to apple store… See More. Because google don’t select me. May be, google mobile marketing need more skill than apple store. Google Android is more smarter than iPhone OS 3.1.2. Touch can’t compare with iPhone. iPhone have a great touch sensitives. Another thing, Gaming in iPhone. iPhone game price is cheapter than other. More nice 3d rendering engine than Android. Gamer are crazy in game and they must buy great Game. They also foolish in 3D. So, they must choice iPhone. iPhone 3D is awesome.

[caption id=”attachment_430” align=”aligncenter” width=”540” caption=”credit:“]


[caption id=”attachment_431” align=”aligncenter” width=”481” caption=”credit:“]


[caption id=”attachment_433” align=”aligncenter” width=”424” caption=”credit:“]


PHP MeetUp Nov 2009 in MS Singapore Office

Nice Meetup. I listened about google andriod and iPhone. iPhone need 2.5 GB SDK to download first. We need Mac OS X for iPhone Development. iPhone Developer License is $99 per year. Eek! Too expensive. If we have iPhone Developer License, we can sell in apple store and we can get support for iPhone Development. iPhone Develoment is base on MVC patten. JSON is built in support but SOAP need 3rd party. In apple store 50K+ app for iPhone (wow…). If we want to sell app in apple store we need SWIFT code for bank. If you interest, you can check in this slide

Another is Google Android. It’s a free and open source phone. iPhone can run background service but android. We can write background service and we can call other app from our app. I phone can’t do that :) SDK can run Windows, Linux and Mac :) We can use MOTODEV Studio for Android Development. Android Device are

Android application can do GUI, non-GUI and background service. It have 3 markets place

Google Andriod Market member fee is $25 per year that more cheaper than iPhone. For more detail, you can check in slide

Another topic is phoneGap. I’m very interest it because it just use javascript and HTML. It also support Jquery for Phone App Development. Amazing… You can check in . It’s support for iPhone, Google Android and Blackberry. . PhoneGap is opensource and free :) Coding is familiar with us because it just HTML and javascript.

Android v0.1

Today, I am testing Android OS. I tested and I don't like it because it's a smart phone OS. I can't use mouse on that. I just use arrow key from keyboard for navigate. How stupid it that ? It may be design for touch screen. My laptop is not touch screen. So, I can't use well. Sometime, I forget and moving mouse haha.... Some message show and I left click the mouse and no happen.... So funny... I forget, I can't use mouse in their. I think it's not suitable for Computer OS, now. They can't compare Windows and also Ubuntu.<p /><span style="font-style:italic;">Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.</span>

I think, most of app in Android are written by Java because of that

Android includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality available in the core libraries of the Java programming language.

They are using Linux Kernel for booting and some loading driver. You can see in this image


I am waiting 2010 for Android 1.0 :D