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Cloud Storages Compare

Let week , I was trying to find dropbox alternative. I am using Dropbox and it arrive 14 GB. So, I couldn’t not use in Office. So, I decided to use another one.

I made the comparison table of popular cloud storages. You can check at .

For my point of view, Dropbox is the best. I choose for alternative because I got 50 GB promo from dropbox.

I prefer Skydrive because of Office online. If Skydrive give 25 GB free to me, I will definitely chose skydrive.

Oop! Google Doc

Today, I thought, I should move all of my document to Google Doc because we should change cloud computing. My boss told me, he move all word document to Doc in previous 2 year. Ok, i should move it. So, I try to move. I use pages and I copy all the text include picture and then paste in Google Doc. Oh! all the picture was gone. Currently we can't copy and paste image in Google Doc. For user view, we want copy and paste image. We can't upload many image. I tried to upload my .pages file in google doc. Oop! can't. Upload done. Open it, nothing and just show download. Ok. I export to doc file and upload it. It's OK. But my alignment is wrong and font can't show. I'm writing book and I can't use Doc. Not special font for header , paragraph and how to set good layout. Hmm... the big problem, I make a screenshot and then paste in Pages. It's OK. I can't paste in Google Docs and I need to upload it. So, I can't change to Google Doc, nowadays. I should use dropbox for cloud service instead of Google Doc.