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Ornagai is a english to myanmar , myanmar to english dictionary. Ornagai use CodeIgniter PHP Framework, MySQL and apache. Ornagai is a specialize for Myanmar Search. It's include Normalization system and syllable breaking system for Myanamar chracter. So, it will show same result က-ိ-ု (u1000u102Du102F) and  က-ု-ိ (u1000u102Fu102D) because of normalization . ကိ (u1000u102D) result will not show ကို (u1000u102Du102F) result because of syllable breaking. You can add new word when you can't find.


  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • MySQL Feature

  • Admin Panel Include

  • Zawgyi Syllable break
  • Zawgyi Normalization
  • Ajax Search API

  • RESTful