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Small talk with Thet Twe Aung

Ko Thet Twe Aung who is a creator of We discussed in facebook about opensource scripts and paid scripts. it’s the great discussion. So, I just share in my blog again.

Saturngod: sometime, I thought, I like working in help desk support with no money :( I released the free product and they not enough, they want to help desk for free release :( I hate that thing. I am not working in help desk and all of my release are free. They should read detail my write and they should do or try the test it. Why they can’t do first time ? They told me, help!! help!! I can’t do. Why don’t try second again ? Why don’t read detail ? Why some ppl are lazy for reading and searching in google with english ?

Thet Twe Aung: it’s not all about mm people. It is the nature of people.Other country people do like that also. You can find it in some other scripting releases forum. And yes it’s the nature of open-source release. If you don’t like it, don’t release your source or don’t reply them.

Saturngod: I think so about that. Reply answer detail is wasting our time. if they can read detail or they can search in google , i will reply just read detail or search google :P That good for me and them.By the way, I have a new article for my blog :P One Bad Nature of Opensource.

Thet Twe Aung: open-source produce better quality. most of the paid script are worst.

Saturngod: most of the paid script have good customer support and always quickly release security fixed. Opensource are not quickly release security fixed. We need to search in google and fixed ourselves. We always listening about security issues. Paid Script, don’t need the listen, they send me email and we just need to download and update it.

Thet Twe Aung: it is depends on the supplier, if the supplier is like VBulletin, IPB, of course, it will be fast since they have good amount of customers, but other paid ads which is usually with small amount of customer, it does take time to release the hot fixes. And about the open source with great community, we don’t need to find the solution like you said, you can just ask at the forum, same like your paid apps, your will get solution even more faster than paid apps customer service.

Saturngod: Why we choice small amount of customer ? I always look customer support first :D and then security issues. Before paid, need to read many thing for paid script. Opensource, don’t need. Download and test it. If I like, I use. If I don’t like, I never use again :P That is a one good nature of opensources better than paid.

Thet Twe Aung: nly some certain paid script have large amount of customers. Let’s say, if i want to have paid blog script, there’s none paid script which can compare with wordpress. And in other categories, it’s like that as well.

Saturngod:  haha that true. Who can beat wordpress ? But wordpress have many premium template, plugins. If we decided to use Wordpress MU, we should premium member for one of the great MU support site. MU don’t have many free plugin and few plugins can’t satisfy our customers.Sometime, we use premium plugins. Yes, we can write own but don’t worst time on writing Wordpress MU plugin. Wordpress is the greatest blog engine and we can use like CMS also :) thank, ko Thet Twe Aung. Let me share this discussion in my blog. Your thinking and idea is the great and I wanna share this discussion :)

Thet Twe Aung: no problem yea, i think it depends on the choice we made. Why you choose vbulletin for your MZ since it’s not much difference between vbulletin and phpbb3. PHPBB3 have great amount of support also. And I feel PHPBB3 more lighter than Vbulletin. Saturngod: ya… that true :) depends on the choice and depend on our target. I love opensources and I always recommend SMF and Phpbb for starter. However, I love vbulletin because I already paid and it’s not easy to change other forum. Database are too large and need a large amount of time when we change. So, I use Vbulletin ;) Vbulletin don’t support UTF-8 … Read Moreclearly and I am using Latin database :( When I try to change my UTF-8 convertor and converting is not done over 4 hours and I stop it. Too large database and change to UTF-8 is not easy and also change to another opensources forum. That a reason, why I use vbulletin paid script.

Thet Twe Aung: yea, that’s bad, I hate the forum with WYSIWYG editor. Those editor produce junk codes. And if i were to use paid forum, I will choose IPB. IPB new version is quite cool, they reversed almost 90% of the system. Lighter, nice web 2.0 interface, more into social networking + forum. Yea, i understand your issue about hard migration process. That’s … Read Morewhat we always faced when we used script. That’s why, these days, I tried to avoid using script. Better writing from scratch by myself, we know what we want, so less features more lighter.

Saturngod: Ya… I also like that.start from scratch by myself and I can do as I like because I understand my system and code. We just need to write what we want. I vote you, “Better writing from scratch by myself”. That a reason why I write ornagai and why you write book-hives :) OK… Let close the discussion here :) Create discussion and great result “Better writing from scratch by myself”.

Thet Twe Aung: yea, i am used to write from scratch, since in my office, most of the apps that I have to manage is written from scratch. And most of the applications are craziest that you would never imagine of. That’s one of the reason that I hate my CEO :D . He always came up with the idea that no one think and technical possibilities is mostly 10%.


Thank Ko Thet Twe Aung (BH) for that discussion.