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Amazing IE7 Cache

Today, I have a trouble in IE7\. Client use IE7\. I use ajax for searching and reporting. Search the username and then show the page. Fil the form , save it. And then search this username again and can't fill the form again. It's simple and work smoothly in Firefox,chrome,safari. What the hell in IE !!! IE 8 and IE 7 can't. I can fill again the form. WTF!! I clear the cache in IE and then search again. It's OK.

And then search user and fill again. After that search this user again, same problem in IE. In IE 8, I change to Never Temporarily files from Setting Page. Yay.. it’s working. In IE7, cannot. So, I use PHP header with no-cache. Cannot. So, add meta for without cache. Cannot. So, change temporarily files space to 8 MB in IE. cannot. no way. WTF!! IE7. I cannot do anymore. I give up it.