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UIAppFonts - custom fonts with the iPhone/iPad 3.2 SDK « Blog | PerfectLine

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Recently I had some problems getting custom fonts working with the new iPhone/iPad 3.2 SDK using Interface Builder. In the new SDK it’s supposed to be really easy in theory, but there is currently a bug with Interface Builder/xCode that ruins it. I’ll share my workaround how to get it to work and if you have better ideas – I would be really grateful to hear abut them.  First, the way it’s supposed to work: Add the custom font to your Xcode project Add the name of the *.ttf (I’ve also had success with *.ttc) file to your Info.plist under <span>UIAppFonts</span> (Array) * Set the font property of any <span>UILabel</span> to match your newly added font name (you can discover the actual font names by iterating over <span>[UIFont familyNames]</span> and <span>[UIFont fontNamesForFamily]</span>)  


The Pros and Cons of Apple Default vs. Custom Graphics

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