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Styling Submit Buttons for Mobile Safari | Think Vitamin

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Article 13

Styling Submit Buttons for Mobile Safari

By Keir Whitaker

31 August 2010 | Category: Design

As discussed on the most recent episode of Think Vitamin Radio we have been working hard on the redesign of this site and have been looking at how the site reacts when rendered on the iPhone using media queries (if these are new to you then Brian Suda’s most recent article will get you started).

One thing both Mike and I had noticed is that submit buttons, when styled with CSS, appear to have a will of their own when viewed on the iPhone.

Submit Button Demo

Here’s some basic CSS for a submit button:

input[type="submit"] {
    background: #262C32;
    width: 150px;
    padding: 9px;
    letter-spacing: 1px;
    border: none;
    color: #EFDDA8;
    border-radius: 3px;
    -moz-border-radius: 3px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 3px;


very helpful for me

xib can't load Resource

Today, I have a trouble error. When I click Reload All class in Interface Builder, my xib is not loaded resource. But it's working. 


r-click on xib > Get Info and then you will see Info dialog. Please choose your Path again. It will work smooth again.

If it’s not working, remove your xib from your project. Copy your xib from your project and paste in other place. Delete your xib in your project folder. Add your xib from xcode, it will work again.

I take a long time for searching solution and I can’t find in goolging too :(

Why iPhone!

why iphone leading mobile market ? Less free software than android. $99/year developer license.We can't sell standalone app like windows.But iPhone leading the mobile software market. Over 140,000+ app in iPhone store. 25% are free app at iPhone app store.  Android 57%. If somebody give free one phone and choice one, most ppl  will choice iPhone. Why! no multitasking. Less free app. Apple is great  branding in Mobile ? or pioneer in Touch Mobile ? I don't know. Apple  have a secret or they are lucky ?

android market also like iPhone app. Android SDK is more easier than objective-C. Why android still can’t fight iPhone ? Google give free Nexus One phone. It’s nice marketing and bad marketing. When they have Google phone, start Google SDK. If I don’t have invite from google and I already develop in google android, I must change to apple store… See More. Because google don’t select me. May be, google mobile marketing need more skill than apple store. Google Android is more smarter than iPhone OS 3.1.2. Touch can’t compare with iPhone. iPhone have a great touch sensitives. Another thing, Gaming in iPhone. iPhone game price is cheapter than other. More nice 3d rendering engine than Android. Gamer are crazy in game and they must buy great Game. They also foolish in 3D. So, they must choice iPhone. iPhone 3D is awesome.

[caption id=”attachment_430” align=”aligncenter” width=”540” caption=”credit:“]


[caption id=”attachment_431” align=”aligncenter” width=”481” caption=”credit:“]


[caption id=”attachment_433” align=”aligncenter” width=”424” caption=”credit:“]



Yesterday, I test phone-gap and jQTouch. Wow... Amazing... phone-gap look like iPhone UI. But I can't add Tab in there. I hope jQTouch will ad Tab UI look like iPhone UI. Animation is so nice and so smooth. I thought, I use iPhone App. I love it. I also thinking, what app should I developer with phonegap + jquery + html + css. Imm... many application also have in iTune App Store. I can't think in this day. What app should I develop and what app I wanna make ? I want to publish in iTune App Store but I don't have app. By the way, we can use sqlite with with safari. So nice and I can make database app with phonegap.


Yesterday, I'm testing jqtouch. Wow... It's great. I'm starting iPhone Development with [PhoeGap]( It's easy and fast development. I don't need to read iPhone SDK and I can development quickly with jquery. So, I searching iPhone UI with jquery because phonegap is not support native UI. I want native UI. It's nice and most of the people love it. I found [jquery Iphone UI]( It' not good. It design with iPhone Screen. So bad. Can't use in Web Design for iPhone Safari. So, I searched new jquery and I found and I love it. It's [jQTouch]( I found it and I said wow.... amazing....

jQTouch is nice and it also support for safari webkit animation. When I tried it, I though, I am using iPhone app not web. It’s brilliant design for iPhone. Now, I’m developing ornagai touch with jqTouch. Ornagai will come offline version with sqlite and jqtouch. Thank phonegap and jqtouch.

View Your iPhone/iPodTouch Screen on Your Computer

Sometime, you want to show your iPhone/iPodTouch on youTube or some video making. Example: How to install ? What error in my iPhone/iPodTouch ? What going on my iPhone/iPodTouch ? , etc. So, you need to share your iPhone/iPodTouch screen to your computer and record it. You can make it easy follow by video.





iPhone/iPodTouch OS 3.1.2 jailbreak

I wrote about that in Mac For Us. You can read in there.

PHP MeetUp Nov 2009 in MS Singapore Office

Nice Meetup. I listened about google andriod and iPhone. iPhone need 2.5 GB SDK to download first. We need Mac OS X for iPhone Development. iPhone Developer License is $99 per year. Eek! Too expensive. If we have iPhone Developer License, we can sell in apple store and we can get support for iPhone Development. iPhone Develoment is base on MVC patten. JSON is built in support but SOAP need 3rd party. In apple store 50K+ app for iPhone (wow…). If we want to sell app in apple store we need SWIFT code for bank. If you interest, you can check in this slide

Another is Google Android. It’s a free and open source phone. iPhone can run background service but android. We can write background service and we can call other app from our app. I phone can’t do that :) SDK can run Windows, Linux and Mac :) We can use MOTODEV Studio for Android Development. Android Device are

Android application can do GUI, non-GUI and background service. It have 3 markets place

Google Andriod Market member fee is $25 per year that more cheaper than iPhone. For more detail, you can check in slide

Another topic is phoneGap. I’m very interest it because it just use javascript and HTML. It also support Jquery for Phone App Development. Amazing… You can check in . It’s support for iPhone, Google Android and Blackberry. . PhoneGap is opensource and free :) Coding is familiar with us because it just HTML and javascript.