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html audio with jquery UI

I need to implement , next , previous and change to another music when music has been stop.



Simple Blog Engine

It's written my CodeIgniter Framework.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery Feature are

  • Search

  • WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • RSS support
  • Admin Panel
  • Comment
  • Post , Comment Delete , Edit Source Code


Jqbox is a jquery popup box. I wrote this, I want to use jquery alert box, message box instead of original alert box. Sometime I need to make popup box for show message or gallery. I can use this.




Yesterday, I'm testing jqtouch. Wow... It's great. I'm starting iPhone Development with [PhoeGap]( It's easy and fast development. I don't need to read iPhone SDK and I can development quickly with jquery. So, I searching iPhone UI with jquery because phonegap is not support native UI. I want native UI. It's nice and most of the people love it. I found [jquery Iphone UI]( It' not good. It design with iPhone Screen. So bad. Can't use in Web Design for iPhone Safari. So, I searched new jquery and I found and I love it. It's [jQTouch]( I found it and I said wow.... amazing....

jQTouch is nice and it also support for safari webkit animation. When I tried it, I though, I am using iPhone app not web. It’s brilliant design for iPhone. Now, I’m developing ornagai touch with jqTouch. Ornagai will come offline version with sqlite and jqtouch. Thank phonegap and jqtouch.

Add jquery built in apiwork

haha. I add jquery for default. Here, I use in my view like this

<html> <head> <?php /* add script from $this->jq->get_latest(); */ //you can also load like this $this->load->js('jquery'); $this->jq->noconfilt=true //for jquery no conflit  $this->jq->get_script();  ?>  <script> <?php $this->jq->start_jq(); ?> alert("I'm jquery"); <?php $this->jq->end_jq(); ?> </script> </head> <body> </body> </html>

Ornagai Dictionary with Jquery + JSON

Today, I am making ornagai dictionary with jquery. I was thinking about at 7:00 at English Tuition. At 12:00 pm, I was staring the code for that. It was complete in a half hour. However, it’s using 20 KB JSON file. So, I thought it, “Can I do complete dictionary in one JSON file ? “ I export the JSON from mysql database. It had 4 MB. And then run in my code. Oop!!! My firefox had been hung. I restart my firefox and changing my code. I will show just 9 results and try again it. It was ok but too long to wait. So, I decided to make index the JSON. I made a.json to z.json and then search again. Amazing… I said “Awesome!!!” It’s so fast and unbelievable searching. I love jquery and JSON. I finished that project just in 2 hours. You can download JqueryDict in there. I am thinking about Myanmar to the English dictionary with JqueryDict but it should make many indexs for ka to arh. So, I will do when I have a free time.



Twitter Lik Search with Jquery

Yesterday, I post about Ajax search with Jquery and PHP. Today, I found another search form 9lessons blog. It also use Jquery and PHP. You can see in there.

Ajax Search When textbox change (JQUERY + PHP)

It can make easy with jquery and php. Jqueyr also include ajax function and we can make easily that. First download jquery file from I made search.html and code is follwoing.


[sourcecode lang=”xhtml”]<html> <head> <title>AJAX Search Simple</title> <script src=”jquery.js”></script> <script> $(document).ready(function() {

    $(“#q”).keyup(function(event){         value=$(this).val();         $(“#result”).html(“<b>Searching…</b>”);         $(“#result”).load(“result.php?data=”+value);     });

}); </script> </head> <body> <input type=”text” id=”q”> <div id=”result”></div> <body>


I am using keyup function for id q. ( #q mean id q that is textbox ) After keyup get value from text box and write text searching in result (div). I send query string to result.php. You will see result.php is following


[sourcecode lang=”php”] <?php //You can write some code in there. //Connect Database and make sql query in here echo “Search For “.$_GET[‘data’]; ?>[/sourcecode]

You should add some code in PHP for search in database. It’s a simple. You can download complete code in here.

Json with Jquery

Today, I am think about ornagai api. I should export with JSON because json is easy to read data with javascript library (mootools,jquery,etc..) and also with PHP. So, I tring with Jquery to read json. Oh! it’s so easy and so nice for me.

This is a data.json






“def”:”     the first letter of the English alphabet”





“def”:”the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance”






“def”:”an ancient Roman god of agriculture, the consort of Ops, believed to have ruled the earth during an age of happiness and virtue, identified with the Greek god Cronus.”



This is my jquery code

[sourcecode lang=’js’] $(function() { $.getJSON(“data.json”, function(json) { alert([1].def); $.each(,function(i,mydata){ $(“#result”).append(mydata.word+”<br>”); }); }); }); [/sourcecode]

Complete HTML code is

[sourcecode lang=’xhtml’] <html>


<script src=”jquery-1.3.2.min.js”></script>


$(function() {

$.getJSON(“data.json”, function(json) {






}); </script>



<div id=”result”>



</html> [/sourcecode]

Download Complete source code

Shortest URL

Today, I wrote PHP,Jquery code for shortest URL that are and tinyurl. I get PHP code from  and then I combine with Jquery. Bravo! It’s so useful for me. Light weight and faster than their home site becuase of graphic ;). By the way, I am written this site with HTML 5 and you need to firefox 3.5 or Chrome 2