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MySQL UTF-8 Convertor

This will be help for hosting script installation like Fantastico. Fantastico install with Latin Encoding and this code can covert to UTF-8\. Now I can convert Zawgyi Latin Encoding To Zawgyi UTF8 Encoding.

What mean of Latin Encoding and UTF-8 Encoding ?

Latin encode က is like က but UTF-8 encode just only က. So, Latin encoding may be use more spacing in database than UTF-8 encoding.

What benefit of this code ?

Most of the hosting panel conatain Fantastico De Luxe . It’s easy to install wordpress, joomla,etc. But a problem is ,it is using Latin Base Database when installation the wordpress. Most of the myanmar people can’t use this because of the Latin Base. Myanmar Character need UTF-8 encoding in Database.

So, you use this script and run easily.It’s will convert all field to UTF-8 including database. Now, We use Fantastico De Luxe. After the install from Fantastico De Luxe , you need to run this script. You need to some requirement.


  • PHP
  • MySQL Link


I am making new run_xampp.bat. The new code can be stop MSSQL server and IIS also. Sometime, we can’t run apaceh because of MSSQL service. So, we need to stop it or we need to change apaceh port. I choice to stop MSSQL service because I just use MySQL. Ok… This is my new code

iisreset.exe/stop net stop IISADMIN net stop MSSQLSERVER net stop MSSQLServerOLAPService net stop MsDtsServer100 net stop SQLWriter net stop ReportServer C:xamppxampp_start.exe

Excel To MySQL with MySQL Migration Toolkit

If we want to change excel file to mysql, we can change with MySQL Migration Toolkit that contain in MySQL GUI Tool.


1. Change .Excel file to MS Access. You can import excel file in MS Access.

2. Open MySQL Migration Toolkit and choose MS Access. You will do setp by step with wizard. It’s easy, don’t worry it.

3. You will see new database in mysql. Ok. Export only tables from phpmyadmin and then import the another database that you want to import.


It’s easy and you can do csv to mysql like that. You need to open csv with excel and save as xls. After that you can do from step 1.