What's on my mind


I am using WhiteSmoke now.It’s a grammar and spelling checking. My grammar is not good and some of my spelling may be wrong. So, I must use WhiteSmoke for my blog. We should use WhiteSmoke in our proposal and also my blog. We can use any application with WhiteSmoke. We just use F2 and then WhiteSmoke will open it. After that we can replace the right grammar and spelling  and then apply it. Nice design and easy user interface.

Today, my friend told me about []( It's a online voice show and it's very good for me. Now, I am listen [FLOSS Weekly]( 78 but English Speaking is so fast and I try to understand too hard. It have many shows. Most of the people like [The Tech Guy]( . We can download MP3 or subscribe with iTune. I am happy to listen that.

Tool For JSON

Today, I found tow tools for josn. First, open in firefox and editor for jons online and also offline. We can open *.json file in firefox with [JSONView]( firefox addon. You will see with syntax highlighting and we can open/close the tree. I found JSONEditor in [here]( You can use [online]( and [download]( for offline.

HTML 5 Demo

Today I found a new website. That it [HTML5 Demo]( site. It's so nice site. We can see drag & drop, Canvas, postMessage,etc.. We need to uprage my knowledge because HTML 5 is so nice and it will be future of the web development and design.

Font Embed in firefox

Today, I am testing font embed in firefox. It’s amazing and good news for web designer. We dont’ worry about without font in user computer. We can design any font as we like and then embed code in CSS. The code is easy and very useful to us.

@font-face { font-family:Zawgyi-one; src:url(; }

That is example and I am calling Zawgyi-one font to embed. You can read more detial in mozilla developer page


Wow…. may be visio killer… I read about that site from readwriteweb. Gliffy is a online Diagram software like visio. I think, it’s written by JSP. It’s can make like Visio. We can draw UML, Flowchart online without install software in my computer. I can’t find visio like software in Ubuntu. I am so worried about that. Now, I am happy about Gliffy because I can draw design in Ubuntu. So, it’s a pretty news… that a Web 2.0… I like it…

Notepad++ 5.4.5 comming out

I am using Notepad++ for my web developement. It’s a best IDE for php and also HTML,CSS. It’s light weight and nice syntax higlighting system. The best of the notepad++ is when I select the { and it will bold the } and I select 1 word, all the same word will highlight. We should install notepad++ in our windows because it’s better than notepad.