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Ornagai is a english to myanmar , myanmar to english dictionary. Ornagai use CodeIgniter PHP Framework, MySQL and apache. Ornagai is a specialize for Myanmar Search. It's include Normalization system and syllable breaking system for Myanamar chracter. So, it will show same result က-ိ-ု (u1000u102Du102F) and  က-ု-ိ (u1000u102Fu102D) because of normalization . ကိ (u1000u102D) result will not show ကို (u1000u102Du102F) result because of syllable breaking. You can add new word when you can't find.


  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • MySQL Feature

  • Admin Panel Include

  • Zawgyi Syllable break
  • Zawgyi Normalization
  • Ajax Search API

  • RESTful

Ornagai iPhone Version

Great ! Today, I done, ornagai iphone web app. It's using jqtouch and CodeIgniter. I ♥ it. By the way, I can do easily because of MVC. I did right choice , using CodeIgniter MVC Framework. I can make other Theme easily. I don't need to change too much code. Just change View and it's OK.

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Thinking about ornagai tsv license

We are not selling data. I provide data and service. Ok. google don't own data but he can add ads. Like this, you can't sell data but you can use free. You can add Ads in your service. Existing published dictionaries ? Yes, but what books ? can't tell exactly. Many books and I just provide data service to add in ornagai. So, data is a free of use and can combine with any technology with free of charges. (thinking about license).

Now, I just thinking about ornagai license. Ornagai source code should be free all the time ? Of course, TSV will be free all the time. TSV can’t own because data is created by community. Ornagai is written by CodeIgniter Framewrok and I used Zawgyi Library that made myself. So, I need to think about ornagai source code also. GPL or MIT ?


Dec 6 2009 Sun 1:08 AM

ornagai not support zawgyi 2009 in current development because I don’t know zawgyi 2009 structure detail. I need to write 2009 to 2008 in Zawgyi Library. First, I must ask ko soe min for Zawgyi 2009 store code point or I try from Windows. Ornagai is near to release. If you want to know news, you can follow in github. You can see my code. I just use CI and Jquery. Many thing to do for Ornagai V2. I will release source code and I will build official site soon. Huuuu….. it’s not too hard but sometime I want to rest and I am lazy for to do that. Yes, I am lazy boy. Now, frontend 80% done and backend 10% done. I will update when frontend 100% done. I will release all source code include database when backend 100%. I mean just v2. It will be 2.2 , 2.3,etc. OK… time to sleep.

Ornagai Will be soon

I promised to ornagai will be opensource. Yes, It’s ture. You can download when will comming.

Feature For Admin Panel

1. User Register 2. Registered User can add new word 3. User Banned 4. Add New User 5. Add New Word

Using Jquery 1.3, CodeIgniter Framework 1.7.1, Recaptcha for registration, MySQL.

Ornagai Dictionary with Jquery + JSON

Today, I am making ornagai dictionary with jquery. I was thinking about at 7:00 at English Tuition. At 12:00 pm, I was staring the code for that. It was complete in a half hour. However, it’s using 20 KB JSON file. So, I thought it, “Can I do complete dictionary in one JSON file ? “ I export the JSON from mysql database. It had 4 MB. And then run in my code. Oop!!! My firefox had been hung. I restart my firefox and changing my code. I will show just 9 results and try again it. It was ok but too long to wait. So, I decided to make index the JSON. I made a.json to z.json and then search again. Amazing… I said “Awesome!!!” It’s so fast and unbelievable searching. I love jquery and JSON. I finished that project just in 2 hours. You can download JqueryDict in there. I am thinking about Myanmar to the English dictionary with JqueryDict but it should make many indexs for ka to arh. So, I will do when I have a free time.



Ornagai Speed Up

Now I found new method  for searching in ornagai. Now ornagai searching speed 2x. Auto-complete is so nice and faster than before. Thank DogNog for helping that and also Dave Lane for suggestion.