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First Time Using Chrome

So funny!!! Chrome OS need at least 1 GB memory LOL!!! that for net book. When we don’t have 1 GB, it will be very slow and sometime you can’t login it. and also we need more than 64 MB memory for chome OS. I am testing development version and download from . By the way, thank facebook connect because I am lazy to singup. I am using with VirtualBox and give 64 MB memory and I can’t do nothing. I can’t login and always login fail. So, I gave 1 GB memory and it was OK. But too slow. So, I give more than 64 MB graphic and it would smooth. There is no terminal and there is no design for developer and I don’t like it. It’s cloud OS and always need interent connection. Currenly, we can’t add font keyboard and so many thing. The bad thing, we can’t change proxy in current version. When I download and I can’t call my download file. And other thing, I can’t find shutdown computer button in Chrome OS. LOL!!! How to get my download file in Chrome OS :(. We need to wait 2010 half of the year for complete version. I recommand, don’t use Chrome OS now. It’s still development. By the way, my childhood dream come true,now. I told my friend my idea of OS in my childhood they laungh me and they told me where is the internet in our country. Yes, that right! Our country,myanmar has bad internet connection.

Chrome OS GUI Design

Wow… Easy and nice… but we need internet everytime for Chrome OS :( So, I love Mac.. Lol