What's on my mind

I Design My blog

I am new theme with my blog. I am using bgpattern,adobe kular,colorpic,photohsop and


First I go to and then choose a pattern. And then fill color set from adobe kular. I pickup color using with colorpic and then finding some icon from After that I drew header image with photoshop look like that. It’s base on K2 theme and I also change theme like that from my Myanmar Blog.

First Of Page

This is not real first post because my old blog is lost when my upgrade 0.5 to 0.6.2\. Never mind, I start again I hope I can write with English Language in my blog. This blog is only about Computer such as web development , web design , some computer news or review, IDE , etc.<p />I am using Windows Vista and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is like my left hand. Most of the PHP written in Ubuntu because of light weight. I hope I can show my idea, my life in this blog.