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xib can't load Resource

Today, I have a trouble error. When I click Reload All class in Interface Builder, my xib is not loaded resource. But it's working. 


r-click on xib > Get Info and then you will see Info dialog. Please choose your Path again. It will work smooth again.

If it’s not working, remove your xib from your project. Copy your xib from your project and paste in other place. Delete your xib in your project folder. Add your xib from xcode, it will work again.

I take a long time for searching solution and I can’t find in goolging too :(


Yesterday, I test phone-gap and jQTouch. Wow... Amazing... phone-gap look like iPhone UI. But I can't add Tab in there. I hope jQTouch will ad Tab UI look like iPhone UI. Animation is so nice and so smooth. I thought, I use iPhone App. I love it. I also thinking, what app should I developer with phonegap + jquery + html + css. Imm... many application also have in iTune App Store. I can't think in this day. What app should I develop and what app I wanna make ? I want to publish in iTune App Store but I don't have app. By the way, we can use sqlite with with safari. So nice and I can make database app with phonegap.