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HTML Support CodeIgniter Sugar For Espresso

In [Original CodeIgniter sugar]( is not support HTML syntax highlighting. So, I can't use CI syntax in view. PHP support html syntax hightlighting. Why CI sugar is not support ? So, I tried to add HTML support. I don't know about how to make sugar but I can do it. I tried to read PHP sugar and can combine it. It's easy, just add 1 line in Syntaxes/CodeIgniterSyntax.xml. I add html support
<include syntax="text.html.basic" />

So, It will be look like this

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<syntax name="sourcecode.php.codeigniter">

<include syntax="sourcecode.php"/>
<include syntax="text.html.basic" />


If you don’t want to add manually, you can download zip file from github. I made fork from original author.

1. Download zip or tar.gz  from

2. extract it.

3.Change the folder name to CodeIgniter.sugar. Folder icon will change.

4. Double click CodeIgniter.sugar. It will be install automatically.