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Unable To Downloaded Application with Testflight

Yesterday , I got a problem with Testflight. I gave them the app with testflight for testing. However, they can’t install and always got “Unable to Download Application”.

I found the article on testflight .

  • Device storage is full
  • The provisioning profile is a developer provisioning profile
  • The ad hoc distribution provisioning profile is corrupted and the device is having an issue with it (this can happen for multiple reasons. Including issues with 3rd party dev tools that could be causing a conflict).
  • The device was restored from a backup and is causing a conflict for over-the-air distribution
  • There was a network timeout
  • Architecture settings of the build and the device are incompatible ( can sometimes happen when “Build Active Architecture Only” is on when building).
  • The target minimum iOS version for the app is greater than the iOS version installed on the device.
  • Not Using Mobile Safari.

Everthing is correct. But I forget to check Architecture settings. I am using Build Active Architecture Only . So, it’s a problem. Ater I change to the Build Active Architecture Only to NO and it’s working fine.