What's on my mind


Yesterday, I'm testing jqtouch. Wow... It's great. I'm starting iPhone Development with [PhoeGap]( It's easy and fast development. I don't need to read iPhone SDK and I can development quickly with jquery. So, I searching iPhone UI with jquery because phonegap is not support native UI. I want native UI. It's nice and most of the people love it. I found [jquery Iphone UI]( It' not good. It design with iPhone Screen. So bad. Can't use in Web Design for iPhone Safari. So, I searched new jquery and I found and I love it. It's [jQTouch]( I found it and I said wow.... amazing....

jQTouch is nice and it also support for safari webkit animation. When I tried it, I though, I am using iPhone app not web. It’s brilliant design for iPhone. Now, I’m developing ornagai touch with jqTouch. Ornagai will come offline version with sqlite and jqtouch. Thank phonegap and jqtouch.