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Android Asset Studio

Yesterday , I helped my wife to create Mahabote App icon for Android. She almost done the App but she need the App Icon. I found a Good Tool from Google , it call Android Asset Studio.

I always face the problem of icon size for Android. It have different icon size base on the dpi. In iOS , we can use iConify for Launch App icon easily. Android Asset Studio is much better than iConify. We can change background color, icon size, trim , etc.

I am sure , Android Asset Studio will help you a lot for your development.


Tweetbot Like UI

Here is a collection of Tweetbot Like UI for iOS

Tweetbot Like UIAlertView And UI Segment

Source Code at Github

Tweetbot Like Notice View


Source Code At Github

Tweetbot Like Tab Bar


Source Code At Github

Tweetbot like Spinner


Source Code At Github