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MySQL UTF-8 Convertor

This will be help for hosting script installation like Fantastico. Fantastico install with Latin Encoding and this code can covert to UTF-8\. Now I can convert Zawgyi Latin Encoding To Zawgyi UTF8 Encoding.

What mean of Latin Encoding and UTF-8 Encoding ?

Latin encode က is like က but UTF-8 encode just only က. So, Latin encoding may be use more spacing in database than UTF-8 encoding.

What benefit of this code ?

Most of the hosting panel conatain Fantastico De Luxe . It’s easy to install wordpress, joomla,etc. But a problem is ,it is using Latin Base Database when installation the wordpress. Most of the myanmar people can’t use this because of the Latin Base. Myanmar Character need UTF-8 encoding in Database.

So, you use this script and run easily.It’s will convert all field to UTF-8 including database. Now, We use Fantastico De Luxe. After the install from Fantastico De Luxe , you need to run this script. You need to some requirement.


  • PHP
  • MySQL Link