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nice and it’s really fast.

Github Note

I copy from I always forget step by step using method in github. So, I need to note in my blog.

Global setup:

Download and install Git git config –global “Your Name”

git config –global “Your Email”

Next steps:

mkdir projectdir

cd projectdir git init

touch README Making File git add README Adding File git add . Add All File git commit -m ‘first commit’

git remote add origin

git push origin master


Is a information message. No Need to type.

Existing Git Repo?

cd existing_git_repo

git remote add origin git push origin master

Today, my friend told me about []( It's a online voice show and it's very good for me. Now, I am listen [FLOSS Weekly]( 78 but English Speaking is so fast and I try to understand too hard. It have many shows. Most of the people like [The Tech Guy]( . We can download MP3 or subscribe with iTune. I am happy to listen that.

HTML 5 Demo

Today I found a new website. That it [HTML5 Demo]( site. It's so nice site. We can see drag &amp; drop, Canvas, postMessage,etc.. We need to uprage my knowledge because HTML 5 is so nice and it will be future of the web development and design.