13. April 2014

Wordpress To Wintersmith

After moving to the wintersmith from wordpress, I have two problem.

  1. need to redirect old url to new url
  2. re-import old comments to new url
  3. re-import old images


11. April 2014


Today, I moved to the wintersmith from the wordpress. Wordpress is amazing blog platform. However, I want to try a static generated blog instead of dyanmic. Actually there is no reason for changing to static page. After testing wintersmith , it is really fast. It is easy to use.

Pros : support markdown. Static pages. Really fast. Can use with github pages.

Cons : no full text search and use with google custom search. Need to use jade for creating template. Only few templates. You need computer to write blog.

I prefer wintersmith than jekyll because of node.js. I can customize if it’s require to change.


19. March 2014

Haroopad Markdwon Editor

I used lightpaper , Mouapp , textastic and atom for writing markdown. However, I can’t satisfy with this editor. Lightpaper and Mou are not support GitHub Flavored Markdown. So, syntax highlight alwasy problem. Can’t export syntax highlight with pre and code with class.When I export , it should be like that

<pre><code class='objc'></code></pre>

However, it didn’t and I need to change manually.

Mou is too slow when write a lot of text. Lightpaper is really light weight and only problem with Github Flavoured Markdown and export. I don’t want to export text. I just want top copy HTML from markdown after writing.

Haroopad is exactly what I want but it still not support unicode character. Same like other web editor, cursor position wrong when I use Myanmar Unicode.

However, it’s light weight and support theme. It can export HTML to clipboard. So, I can paste it in my blog. The other best thing is , it support GitHub Flavored Markdown. I can export the syntax highlight text , table , etc.

It also support cross platform (mac,windows and linux) and it’s opensource.

14. March 2014

Add new fonts in iOS 7

Install new font in iOS 7

iOS 7 allow to add new font. However ,font fallback can’t work in app at iOS 7.1. To install font , you need to create the mobileconfig file.


28. February 2014

Logitech Powershell

I bought the logitech powershell for my iPhone 5s. Now, iOS 7 support controller however, it doesn’t support in many games. I bought this controller for GBA4iOS . It support the GBA games with iOS 7 controller. I played mario and megaman zero. So, I can’t play megaman zero with on screen controller because very hard to press L and R.

With iOS 7 controller , I can feel like real Gamebody with iPhone 5s. You can check supported games on logitech website. You can also chect at Pocket Gamer.

Currently I played Asphalt 8: Airborne , Bastion and Shadow Blade. The experience is different. With game controller and iOS 7, it feel like playing with handheld game console. It also include battery to charge your iphone. So, it can save your iphone battery when you play game a lot.

The problem of Logitech Powershell is there is no Analog stick and no L2 , R2 buttons. It’s very hard to play the first person shooter with powershell. You need to move your hand on screen for first person shooter game. It’s very hard to play. I can’t play dead trigger 2 and Respawnables with Powershell controller.