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With a software development career spanning since 2007, I have honed my skills in crafting mobile applications, primarily using SwiftUI. My proficiency extends to cross-platform development where I utilize Flutter to ensure seamless functionality across different platforms. My expertise in Laravel for API and back-end development, coupled with SwiftUI for native iOS development, has empowered me to design high-performing, user-friendly applications. I am committed to continuous learning and always on the lookout for cutting-edge technology. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring React.JS and Next.JS for fun, further broadening my skill set.



Basic HTML

Programming Basic

Programming Basics with Python. Designed for beginner programmers.

Database Basic

Database basic with MySQL.

Developer Intern

Focused on interns who need to know everything before starting the job.

UML Basic

Basic UML for beginners. Without UML, it's challenging to design systems and learn design patterns..

Design Pattern

Mostly use Design patterns for software development.


Rabbit Converter
Zawgyi to Unicode and Unicode to Zawgyi converter.
Myanmar Name
English to Myanmar and Myanmar to English For Name.
Myanmar Font Previewer
Unicode Font Previewer
Rabbit Folder
Convert all zawgyi text to unicode. Supporting text file format, docx, xlsx, pptx
Short To Myanmar Alphabet
Convert syllable to alphabet. It's useful for the karaoke search system.